Both Smooth haired and long haired Chihuahua care is relatively simple. However, there is no question that the long haired Chi requires significantly more grooming then the smooth haired type. Therefore, if you aren’t interested in daily brushing, you may want to stick to the smooth haired variety.

Aside from grooming, caring for each Chi type is the same right down to the fashionable clothing you can purchase them. You might be wondering what fashionable clothing has to do with Chihuahua care. The truth is clothing (not so much the fashion aspect of it) offers your Chihuahua protection against harsh weather and the elements.

For instance, during the winter, your Chi will not grow a coat like the Siberian Husky that is designed to protect him from the cold. Therefore, to keep your dog comfortable when you take him out, dressing him in a sweater or jacket will help him maintain warmth. In addition, dog clothing can also help to keep the coats of long-haired Chis free from dirt and mats when they go outside to play.

The following are the three most practical dog apparel items you should consider getting as part of Chihuahua care:

  1. Coat
  2. Sweater
  3. Boots

Now we’ll take a closer look at each so you can see the benefits they have to offer.

Dog coats – Dog coats are great for the winter and for the rainy seasons. Keep in mind that there are plenty of dog coats on the market, so you will need to measure your Chihuahua to ensure you provide him with the correct size. Benefits include:

  • Stops coat from becoming matted
  • Stop dogs from getting wet during a rain storm. Most Chis don’t like their coat getting wet.
  • Keeps a dog warm on a cold winters day
  • Bright coats can help make your dog visible to others in bad weather, and from a distance.

Dog Sweaters – Sweaters are the most popular choice of apparel among dog owners. They are lighter than dog coats, and provide better Chihuahua care in the fall and the less cold months. The following are some benefits associated with dog sweaters:

  • Keeps the dog warm during the cool months of early spring and fall.
  • They are comfortable and easy for your dog to wear.
  • They come in many designs so you can procure some great looking sweaters to suit all of the holidays if are interested in making a fashion statement with your dog.
  • Sweaters are cheaper than coats

Dog Boots – It may sound foolish to put booties on your Chihuahua, but if you think about protecting his sensitive paws from things such as ice or sharp pebbles, the idea of your Chi wearing booties as paw protection doesn’t sound so silly. The following are some Chihuahua care benefits regarding boots:

  • Boots protect his feet and legs from cold weather, harsh terrains, hot asphalt, snow, ice, mud, thorns, sharp rocks, etc.
  • Absorbs the shock of walking and cushions the amount of force being inflicted on the leg. This is a great feature, especially when you consider that Chis are prone to knee problems.
  • Insulates and warms a considerable portion of the feet as well as the muscles and joints in the legs.

Properly clothing your dog is a big part of Chihuahua care. Clothing will keep him well protected, content and comfortable in the harsher climates, allowing him to enjoy his walks all year round come rain, snow or shine!